Govinda, who cemented his status as the ‘hero no 1’ of the 90s, endured major struggles when he was younger. His family fell on hard times even before he was born when his father Arun Ahuja produced a film that tanked at the box office.

As Govinda turns 58 on Tuesday, here is looking back at his inspirational journey from a chawl in Virar to a bonafide Bollywood superstar.

In an interview with India Today in 1997, Govinda recalled not being able to even afford groceries at one point and being insulted because of their uncleared dues. “The baniya used to make me stand for hours because he knew I wouldn’t pay for the goods. Once I refused to go to the shop anymore. My mother started crying and I cried with her,” he had said.

Govinda made his Bollywood debut with Love 86 in 1986 and never looked back. He established himself as a leading star of the 80s and 90s, with hits such…

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