Priyanka Chopra has ‘Daddy’s lil girl’ tattooed on her wrist and continues to remain close to her mom Madhu Chopra after his demise. But as a kid, Priyanka had once left her mom so upset with her behaviour that she decided to send her to boarding school.

Priyanka had shared the story from her childhood in her memoir, Unfinished. The actor confessed after the birth of her brother Siddharth Chopra how she couldn’t get past her “jealousy over all the attention he was now getting” and acted out.

Sharing the incident, Priyanka wrote in her book: “One evening, my parents and I were watching television together in their bedroom. I was lying on my tummy and snacking on some chips, and Dad asked me to pass them. ‘No,’ I responded, without taking my eyes off the screen. Dad asked again, and I said, ‘No,’ this time more firmly. And then, as if ‘no’ wasn’t bad enough, I added:…

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