• Did you know that birthday boy Sachin Tendulkar as once embarrassed because of his son, infront of Amitabh Bachchan? Sachin turns 48 on Saturday.

PUBLISHED ON APR 24, 2021 10:56 AM IST

Former Indian cricket team captain Sachin Tendulkar celebrates his 48th birthday on Saturday. Did you know that Sachin’s son Arjun had once caused him embarrassment in front of Amitabh Bachchan? The cricketer had once shared the incident with media.

Speaking about it on Amitabh’s 75th birthday in 2017, Sachin had told Mid Day, “Arjun was only a year-and-a-half old then. We were shooting a commercial and in between shots, Arjun was sitting on our laps. Arjun was having an orange and after finishing it, he coolly wiped his hands on Mr Bachchan’s kurta. I didn’t know where to look. I was so embarrassed.”

Arjun is now 21 and has recently made his entry in professional cricket after being picked up by Mumbai Indians. Amitabh and Sachin, both legends in their own fields, they have often expressed their respect for each other.

When Sachin became the first cricketer to score 50 Test centuries, he was compared with Don Bradman and Amitabh had said that the comparison was objectionable. “Why must there be a debate or even a discussion on whether Sachin is greater than Don Bradman or not? Sachin is greater, period! By bringing the topic up for debate, you are somewhere unsure whether he really is deserving of being great or not. And this is objectionable to me,” wrote Amitabh on his blog in 2010.

When they shared the stage during Umang festival in 2013, Amitabh said about Sachin, “I am grateful for the light he is giving me, by sharing the stage. Sachin is a great asset for our country and no matter what I say about him, it will not be enough. Sachin has made our country proud across the globe.”

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