Somehow it seems The White Lotus resort collection has maintained its sterling reputation—despite the recent murder at its Maui outpost—and The White Lotus season 2 is officially back on HBO, this time a few thousand miles away on the shores of Sicily. With a new destination, a new cast, and, oop, a new smattering of dead bodies, there’s a lot to explore in this new chapter of showrunner Mike White’s hit series.

But given the state of streaming today—in which some major streamers opt for the binge model, while others roll out episodes weekly, and still others deploy a wonky hybrid of the two—figuring out when to actually watch this show is perhaps trickier than it should be. Fret not: Consider us your Fodors guide to watching The White Lotus season 2.

How can I watch The White Lotus season 2?

If you have a cable HBO subscription, you can tune in on Sunday evenings to watch…

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