Selena Gomez is once again Disney’s golden child. Although now under the banner of Disney-owned Hulu instead of Disney Channel, the actress and pop star has a hit Hulu series on her hands, and she’s reportedly digging deeper into the Hollywood machine, unearthing and reviving old 20th Century IP. According to Deadline, the actress and pop star is currently in final negotiations to produce a reboot of the 1980s hit Working Girl, originally starring Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver, and Joan Cusack, about a 30-something secretary who assumes her boss’s identity after the aforementioned boss steals one of her ideas.

The film is poised to premiere on Hulu, Deadline reports, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend alum Ilana Peña is lined up as screenwriter. Neither Deadline nor Variety could confirm if Gomez would sign on to play the lead in addition to producing, but it seems a…

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